Lemon cake

Mixes for making cakes

Mixture for making lemon pound cake


  1. Add the content of the pack to the dish, add eggs and tender margarine.
  2. Blend all products at high speed for about 3-4 minutes until smooth mixture is obtained.
  3. Add the mixture to the mold.
  4. Place the mold in a slightly heated oven and bake without convection at 160-165 ºC for 50-60 minutes.
  5. Dust the cake with icing sugar or decorate with covering.
Nutritional value per 100 g of product:
Energy value 1578 kJ/ 372 kcal
Lipids 0,5 g
including saturated fatty acids 0,2 g
Carbohydrates 85 g
including sugars 41 g
Fibre 2,4 g
Protein 5,6 g
Salt 0,17 g


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